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I write dead people?

No, I don't pen letters to the other side. But I do write about ghosts. Or ghost -- Julia Reynolds, former homicide detective with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department. Killed in the line of duty, she does not go gently into that good night. She's not done with this side, not by a long shot!

I’m often asked how I came up with my story.  My debut novel, Dead By My Side, came from my fascination with the criminal mind and my second love -- the supernatural.  My bookshelves are filled with true crime books and ghost stories.  How did I come to combine my two favorite genres?  It all started when I read a short story written by my son-in-law.  It was about a young man who wakes up in the attic of a bed and breakfast to discover he’s a ghost.  I immediately knew I wanted to write a ghost story.  The idea of a “companion” ghost intrigued me.  Since I’m a huge fan of all the crime shows on television (Criminal Minds, CSI, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, to name just a few), the idea of making it a crime drama was a natural progression.

The first chapter practically wrote itself.  My novel is about a handsome detective (of course) and his beautiful partner (naturally), teaming up together to catch a killer.  I hope you enjoy reading about this dynamic duo as much as I enjoyed writing their story.

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In the course of serving a routine warrant, an officer sees a bloody knife and a trail of blood leading into another room.  He can seize the knife…right?  Maybe not:

  • Was it lawful discovery?
  • Did he/she have probable cause?
  • Did he/she have lawful access? 


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